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What is Pay Per Head?

What is pay per head? More and more bookmakers in the United States and around the world are asking themselves this same question. Pay per head, price per head, cost per head, write shops or simply PPH, is the fastest growing sector in the offshore sportsbook and casino industry. With offices springing up all over Costa Rica in recent years, bookies have more choices than ever before. Oddswriter has established itself as an industry leader when it comes to offering premium PPH service.

Pay per head services, as the name suggests, charge bookmakers a weekly fee for managing the betting accounts of their players. Here's how it works. The agent contacts the Oddswriter office and sets up, what is known as, an agent package or agent profile. This profile covers all the basic rules and limitations that a bookie will allow for their players. For example; the agent will specify a maximum on payout odds on parlays and on teasers and whether or not his players will be allowed to bet or wager on certain sports.

Once the basic rules have been set down the agent gives Oddswriter the individual player limits. Limits are based on single wagers and total loss limit per week and also specify whether or not the player is allowed to bet money in the casino or on horse races. There is no minimum or maximum number of player accounts that can be set up. Oddswriters betting software is equipped to handle agents who have just a few players right up to agents who have over a thousand.

Don't let amateurs write your business, for over 10 years Oddswriter has been providing reliable outsourced bookie wagering services for our clients. We don't let people practice with your money, our team of qualified sportsbook and casino risk management experts are here to watch out for your best interests. Our goal is to help take your bookmaking business to the next level and make it more profitable than ever before.

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