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Successful bookies know that their bottom line is riding on solid risk management that will maximize their hold percentage and profits. Whether it's limiting wager amounts on certain types of bets or delaying a player's wager so that they always get the sharpest line, Oddswriters betting risk management team has been helping bookmakers make more money for over 10 years.

Sportsbook risk management is a vital component to the day to day business of booking bets. Bookies need to know what their players are doing and when so that there are never any surprises at the end of the day. Our team of risk management specialists have decades of combined experience that will always keep you one step ahead when the line moves.

Don't settle for second best, Oddswriter prides itself on the fact that year in and year out, our bookie clients make more money than bookies at other PPH shops for one simple reason; we're serious when it comes to watching your business. Oddswriter works with our agents to ensure that every client receives the maximum benefits that our risk management team has to offer.

Oddswriter empowers our bookie clients with a wide variety of risk management tools that makes it easy for them to manage their players.

  • Wager Alert – Real time alert of bets made by a specific player to your cell phone.
  • Streaming Bet Ticker – Watch all your bets come in as they are placed.
  • Delay Option – This feature ensures your players are always dealt the freshest line.
  • Move your own Lines – A great feature if your players are predictable gamblers.
  • Customized Betting Limits – Don't expose yourself needlessly on exotic wagers.

Oddswriter employs a skilled team of talented line movers and managers to always look out for the best interests of our clients 24/7/365.

Call now 1–888–227–1588 and ask us how the Oddswriter risk management program can improve your bottom line today.

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