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Oddswriter uses the most comprehensive horse racing software in the pay per head industry giving your players access to over 100 world class horse racing tracks. Our dedicated horse wagering department will ensure that all wagers are graded promptly and accurately so that you never have to worry about being past posted.

Bookies with players who enjoy horse betting have a year round source of income. With Oddswriter's horse racing software, horse betting can even be opened up for occasional bettors for events like the triple–crown. If you or your players are new to horse racing, our staff of friendly and knowledgeable wagering clerks and line managers will help ensure that the process is as simple and easy as possible.

Oddswriter's horse betting software gives you complete control to set the betting odds and limits for every track and wager type. Let your players experience the thrill and excitement of real horse track betting without worrying about getting taken to the cleaners. You can also have separate betting limits for your players who bet on horses and sports over the phone. For example; if a player has a $25 per wager minimum on sports their minimum wager on horses can be combined to reach $25.

We provide our agents with complete and detailed reporting on all horse racing wager activity done by their players so you'll always know where your action is coming from. All call center wagering is digitally recorded so you can effectively deal with any claims.

Our horse racing software is also available via any mobile internet device, with no download required, so that your players can bet the ponies anytime, from anywhere. Horse racing is just one more way that Oddswriter helps you make the most from your players.

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