NASCAR these days runs on all kinds of tracks from the half mile short tracks at Dover and Martinsville to the big two mile plus tracks at Daytona and Kansas.  But the biggest, the baddest and the most anticipated track of them all is down in Alabama at Talladega.

They have been racing, and trading paint, at Talladega for the past 50 years and the 2.66 mile tri-oval track has undergone some drastic improvements over the years; which is a good thing, because Talladega is still one of the fastest venues on the NASCAR schedule each and every year.

So much so that Talladega runs under what NASCAR calls restrictor-plate-racing. This means that all entries are restricted by a handicapper device installed on the engine of the car to restrict its top speed from being achieved.

What that works out to on race day is that all of the cars participating in the race at Talladega will be running at almost the exact same top speed, which is known to be a contributing factor in those spectacular multi car crashes we see so much of on TV.  It’s one of the major attractions of NASCAR racing.

NASCAR’s big wrecks seem to be the most interesting part of the race for the guys presenting the clips for Sports Center etc.! That’s often all we see on TV.  Thankfully the technology for protecting the drivers in these often horrific pileups has advanced to the point that it is seldom that the drivers are actually injured, even though it often seems like no one could have survived the 200 mile an hour crashing and flipping and smoking and burning mess we see on TV.

The grandstands at Talladega will hold about 80,000 avid race car fans with room for an additional 95,000 or so in the infield where campers and trailers of every description are parked for the duration of the festivities in what ends up being one huge tailgate party every year at the annual Talladega race.

The tri-oval track was built in 1969 on the site of the former Anniston Air Force Base, which is actually located in the small city of Lincoln, Alabama, just outside of Talladega by the France Family and their International Speedway Corporation. NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. wanted to fulfill his dreams of building a track for USA stock cars to compete on that was longer than the big one at Daytona, which is 2.5 miles around.

The big track at Talladega turned out to be a 2.66 miles, or 4.28 kilometers, long oval track which has become one of the mainstays of American Stock Car Racing.  It was known as the ‘Alabama International Motor Speedway’ up until 1989 when the facilities name was changed to the ‘Talladega Superspeedway’, which sounds much cooler anyway.

With its banked turns and three long straightaways, speeds of over 200 miles per hour are regularly achieved at Talladega with NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace holding the track record of over 216 mph back in 2004, before the restrictor plates were used at Talladega.

For 2019 the pole sitting favorites to win at Talladega are Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch, both listed at 9-2 going into the weekend. However, this years’ NASCR points leaders Martin Truex Jr., Brad Keselowski, Kyle Larson and Joey Logano are right on their heels at 6-1 with only six races to go in the 2019 NASCAR Playoffs.

The stakes are high at Talladega!




The Internet has become a gypsy carnival of flashes and pop-ups and predictions and promises of everything from hair restoration to increased sexual potency coming at you every time you turn the thing on. Everything is for sale and it’s almost impossible to tell the real from the fabrications anymore.

The old adage of ‘all that glitters is not gold’ is truer than ever in the 21st century so far and it is not difficult for even a diligent shopper to end up with something of a much inferior quality than what he had in mind when shopping.  This is especially true with the pay per head service industry.

Host PPH has been working with professional local bookmakers like you for almost 20 years and has maintained a reputation for service of the highest quality throughout that time.

The pay per head (PPH) business got started shortly after offshore sports books started popping up all over the Internet and in the process luring thousands of daily players away from their local bookies and sending money offshore to the big sports books offering bonuses and other frills.

In answer to the newly created need for the local bookmaker to upgrade his business in order to keep up with the online gambling sites, the pay per head industry was born out of necessity.   America was not about to lose one of its most cherished institutions, the local bookie, but the advent of the Internet and its glitz and glamour, meant that something had to be done.

What some very clever people at Host PPH came up with was a pay per head service that provides the local bookie with all the tools he needs, and more, to compete with the big sports books and still maintain his local clientele that he has taken so long to build up over the years.

For the players Host PPH works as well as they are still able to be personally in touch with their local guy and handle all payouts and collections there on a local level eliminating the need to send funds off shore and then sit around waiting for a payout when they win.

But that guy sitting at the end of the bar by the pay phone with a little black book in one hand and a roll of quarters in the other is gone forever now. Modern Host PPH agent reporting contains 29 different reports breaking down every aspect of your business and available 24/7/365 on your mobile device or home computer. There is never any need to carry around that incriminating little black book ever again.

Host PPH will take your players wagers, answer their questions and be nice to them always, however, at the end of the day, Host PPH works for you the professional bookmaker. Host PPH will help you stay organized, up to date, out of trouble, happy and in the black.  That’s what we do.

One thing of the utmost importance that a potential pay per head customer should be aware of is a company offering PPH service which also runs a sports book as well.  You players will be calling into the same call center as their regular sports book customers and be offered specials and bonuses that can lure them away for their local bookmaker.  It happens all the time.  Bookie Beware!

So, don’t take a chance with your business.  Remember, what the PPH company you contract puts up for your clients to see represents you and how you do business to them.  These days, players are looking for high quality, friendly ease of access to place their wagers with no hassles and no delays.  Provide that for them, make your payouts and collections with a smile, and they will keep coming back for more and more.

Give the folks at Host PPH at call today at 866 601 4678 and see what a really first quality pay per head service can do for you.

19 WS



The Washington Nationals are for real.  Just ask the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Just ask anyone who had a wager on the Nationals to win the NLCS this year, or all those folks who had picked the Dodgers for the National League Championship Series. They all believe it now!

So with the Dodgers and the Cardinals sitting at home watching the whole pageant on TV, the Washington Nationals will go forth and represent the National League against the winners of the ongoing series between the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros.

Many will be lamenting the fact that the seemingly undeniable Dodgers are out of the playoffs for this year, but hey, the three teams that are left are pretty darned good themselves. These things always seem to work themselves out during the baseball season each year making early wagering on teams to win the NL and AL Pennants very difficult indeed.

The Nationals will now have the luxury of resting up and healing up while the Yankees and Astros have at least 2 and as many as 4 very taxing games left to determine the winners of the American League Pennant this year. As the World Series is scheduled to start on October 22nd, the ALCS champs will have little rest going into the fall classic.

However, the first game of the World Series is scheduled to be played in an American League Ball Park no mater be it in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium or down in Houston at Minute Maid Park, the home of the Astros.

Currently the Astros hold a 2 game to 1 edge on the Yankees and are listed at -320 with the Yankees at +250 to win the ALCS for 2019. But the next two games will be played in Yankee Stadium in front of one of the most raucous crowds in MLB before they go back to Houston to decide the best 4 out of 7 series winners of the American League Pennant.

Game four of the ALCS was postponed due to heavy rain forecast in the area. Both teams will get to rest up on Wednesday, however, this means that they will only get one day of rest before the start of the World Series if the ALCS goes the full seven games.

As they will be facing a Washington pitching staff featuring Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Anibal Sanchez, the AL hitters had better bring their A game from the very beginning to stand a chance against these excellent starters and the potent Nationals’ Bull Pen featuring Sean Doolittle and Patrick Corbin, the designated winning pitcher of game 3 in D.C.

This year marks the first year that the Nationals have ever even won a playoff series, much less a National League Pennant. So, this will also be the first time that the Nationals have ever been in the World Series.

Ironically the Washington Nationals are the only team in MLB to never have participated in the World Series.  That will be remedied on October 22 when the Nats take on either the Yanks or the ‘Stros in the 2019 World Series.



The formally number five LSU Tigers football team has jumped up to the number two spot on the latest AP Poll by defeating the number 7 Florida Gators by a final score of 42-28, which hit the 14 point spread right on the head, but went over by 15 points in a hard fought contest in Baton Rouge.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, who was already way up there on the Heisman Trophy hopeful list, passed for 293 yards and three touchdowns completing 21 of 24 passes and rushing for an additional 43 yards on the ground. Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire racked up 134 yards of his own and scored 2 touchdowns in the winning effort by LSU at homecoming.

The ‘Bayou Bengal’ Tigers have now moved past Georgia, Ohio State and Clemson, for three very different reasons. Ohio State was idle this week but lost ground anyway.

Coach Will Muschamp brought his South Carolina Gamecocks down to Athens, Georgia with his team believing they could actually pull off an upset win against the number three ranked Georgia Bull Dogs last Saturday, and they did it!  Anyone having the foresight to bet the Gamecocks came out big time!  South Carolina led most of the game but it got very tight there at the end.

The ‘Dawgs’ were only 21.5 point favorites going into the game with the over and  under set at 53 points.  In the end only 37 points were scored in a tight game that went into double overtime before South Carolinas’ place kicker Parker White knocked in a 23 yard field goal during the second overtime period to send the Gamecocks up by three at 20-17.

The tenacious Bulldogs got the ball back for their turn from the 25 yard line and but failed to advance the ball any further on the first three downs.  Out comes the now famous Roberto Blankenship in his black horn rimmed glass to ice another game for Georgia from 42 yards out.  This guy just does not miss, right?  Not until last Saturday anyway, the football sailed wide left off of his flat toed shoe and the South Carolina Gamecocks had defeated the mighty Georgia Bulldogs.

So Georgia has dropped all the way down to number 10 in both the AP and Coaches Poll this week and LSU has been vaulted up to number two right behind their good ole buddies from Alabama.  That matchup is coming up on November the 9th when the Tigers travel to Tuscaloosa to take on Nick Saban and his perennially strong Crimson Tide team.

The voters for the AP poll didn’t seem to think much of Clemson beating up on an already wounded Florida State team this week.  The game was not pretty to watch and the victory was unimpressive. Nobody likes a bully but Clemson has been making a living beating up on their weaker ‘compadres’ in the ACC for years now…. wonder how they would fair in the SEC?

The annual Red River Rivalry was held at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas this year with the highly ranked Oklahoma Sooners traveling down to meet the Long Horns of Texas for the yearly collection of rodeos and livestock shows that also includes a really big football game.

The Sooners came in as 10.5 point favorites and statistically outgunned the boys from Texas who had only lost one game to LSU in the first game of the season. Both quarterbacks were borderline sensational during the game with Heisman candidate Jalen Hurts completing 16 of 28 passes for 235 yards and scoring 3 touchdowns.

The Sooners won 34-27; however, they did not cover the 10.5 point spread or come very close to the highly ambitious 78 point over and under set for the game.  Oklahoma now holds on to the number 5 spot in the AP poll while Texas, now at 4-2, only fell to 15th.

Back to the SEC and the number one team in the land with Tua Tagovailoa and his Alabama Crimson Tide who seem unstoppable so far this year, as if that is anything  new!  The Tide went down to College Station, Texas to take on Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies of Texas A&M as 17 point favorites and every expectation of coming out on top in the contest. And, as usual, they did, easily covering the 17 points and surpassing the 62 point over and under.

These rankings are not likely to change very much after the upcoming week of NCAA action as there are no really significant matchups between highly ranked teams scheduled over the weekend.



The NFL is already going into its sixth week     with the Giants putting up a valiant battle against the seemingly unstoppable Patriots on Thursday Night Football.  New York kept the contest within one score up until the fourth quarter when Brady had had enough and scored 14 points in the final period, even bulling one over himself from the one yard line to bolster his rushing stats….and blowing the +18 wager on the Giants on that same little run for bettors across the land in the process.

New England certainly looks to be the best team in the NFL once again at this point in the season and the continued success of the dynamic duo of Head Coach Bill Belichick and Tom ‘Terrific’ Brady garnishes only more and more respect from players, coaches and fans alike, year after year.

The Patriots stiff defense put it to young Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, who was under so much pressure all evening that he ended up throwing three interceptions and completing only 15 or 31 passes for 161 yards and one TD.

On a bit of a sour note, Patriots owner Robert Kraft seems to be trying to woo Rob Gronkowski back on the playing field even after Gronk has disclosed that he has had many concussions, including blackouts, and is in obvious danger should he put on the pads for New England, much as he might want to.  Don’t do it Gronk!

At the beginning of the season we were all set up for a race between Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Saints quarterback Drew Brees to see who could pass the great Peyton Manning on the all time NFL passing charts.

Early in the second game of the year against the Los Angeles Rams, Brees slammed his hand down on a defensive players’ helmet while throwing a pass and sustained an injury so severe that Drew ended up staying in LA to see a specialist and eventually have surgery on the finger.

Brees is expected to be out for another 4-5 weeks and in the meantime Tom Brady has the field all to himself to attack Mannings’ long standing records unimpeded. He has just passed Brees’s 522 Career Passing Touchdowns and is about to catch Peyton’s record on 539 at some point this season.

However, Drew Brees still holds the Regular Season Career Passing Yards lead going into week 6 with 74,845 to Tom Brady’s 72,257….and closing.  Diehard Saints fans are confident that, just as soon as he is able, Drew will be back on the field and back in the chase.  Then watch out Tom!

Running the football has had a resurgence in popularity this NFL season, which is a good thing.  Good ole hard nose running the ball in fundamental to the game.  Too much passing and it becomes like watching a hi-wire act at the circus.

The stand out rushing leaders so far have been Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers who has accumulated over 585 rushing yards in 5 weeks followed by Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings with 542 and Leonard Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguars with 512.

Ironically enough, the stats for the pass receiving yardage leaders are quite similar with the New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas out front with 543 yards followed by Amari Cooper of the Dallas Cowboys with 512 and Chris Godwin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 511.

But the season is still young and the competition is starting to mount up between the leaders of each division.  The surprising Buffalo Bills are right behind the Pats in the AFC East at 4-1 with the Baltimore Ravens ahead in the AFC North and the Houston Texans tied with the Indianapolis Colts for the lead in the AFC South, all at 3-2.  Kansas City sits on top of the AFC West at 4-1.

Over in the NFC we find the San Francisco 49ers, still undefeated after only 4 games, leading the West with the New Orleans Saints on top in the South and the Green Bay Packers who are out front in the North, both at 4-1.

The Washington Redskins, the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets have yet to win a game.

It’s still a long way to go until Super Bowl LIV in February and the field is just starting to settle out.  Lots of tight races and lots of opportunities for NFL football fans everywhere to get in a wager or two on their favorite teams each weekend until February rolls around.




Imagine these three props showing up on your MLB betting menu.

(1). The St. Louis Cardinals will score 10 runs in the top of the first before the Atlanta Braves even came to bat.

(2). Future MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Clayton Kershaw would come on out of the bull pen in the late innings and give up back to back home runs to St. Louis sluggers to tie the game sending the Dodgers dugout and the capacity crowd at Dodger Stadium into deep shock.

(3). 36 year old veteran second baseman Howie Kendrick will hit a grand slam homerun in the top of the 10th inning that will eventually win the game for the Washington Nationals and secure their passage to a seven game series against the St. Louis Cardinals to vie for the 2019 National League Pennant.

Honestly now, would anyone out there have wagered on any of those props? The odds would have been staggering, but staggering results were what we got last Wednesday in the National League postseason playoffs.

Both of these ‘astounding’ games resulted in the home teams’ elimination from further MLB post season play this year.  Those highly touted World Series aspirations held by the Los Angeles Dodgers will have to be put on hold for another baseball season.  The Braves thought they had a shot but are now back home in Atlanta.

After that first inning barrage from the Cardinals, the home crowd down in Atlanta didn’t make a whole lot of noise for the remainder of the contest. As it turned out it would not have done them much good anyway. Young Jack Flaherty pitched a gem and limited the powerful Atlanta team to just one run scored in the 4th inning and only 6 hits all game long.

The much anticipated pitching duel between Jack Flaherty and Mike Foltynewicz never really materialized as the Braves ace was pulled during the top of the first inning after recording only one out and finding himself suddenly stuck with 6 earned runs for the Cardinals. St. Louis ended up defeating the Braves by a final score of 13-1.


Jack Flaherty was allowed to throw 104 pitches over 6 innings before being pulled to rest up for the next seven game series against the Washington Nationals, which should be another matchup of fine pitching as well.

The Dodgers still don’t know what hit them.  They were at home in Chavez Ravine, where Dodger Blue was predominant, and leading 3-1 against the Wild Card winning Washington Nationals before Manager Dave Roberts opted to send in left handed pitcher Clayton Kershaw out of the bullpen. After striking out the first batter he faced, Kershaw gave up back-to-back homeruns to 3rd baseman Anthony Rendón and then to the young Dominican outfielder Juan Soto to tie the game at three, quickly hush the home crowd and send Kershaw back to the bench in deep despair.

Howie Kendrick would come on in the top of the 10th inning with the bases loaded and produce a grand slam homerun which sent Dodgers’ fans heading for the exits as the game ended with the Dodgers losing 7-3.

It was a record setting day for the St. Louis Cardinals as no team in the history of Major League Baseball postseason play had ever scored more than 10 runs in a single inning, ever.  For the Dodgers it will be a long time before this bitter and surprising defeat can be digested. But, there is always next season.

The seven game series between the Washington Nationals and the St. Louis Cardinals begins 8:08 EST on Friday October 11th in St. Louis with SP Anibal Sanchez going up against SP Miles Mikolas with the Cardinals holding a slight favorites edge at -101.  If the series contains any more amazing action like we all saw on Wednesday, we will all be ‘astounded’, once again!


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Doing things right is not always the easiest way to do things.  Short cuts and under the counter deals make a cheapo PPH set up less of a  hassle and less expensive, but then, when crunch time comes, and it will come, the money and time saved on shortcuts will come back on you in ways that were never anticipated in a bare bones set up done on the cheap.

Unfortunately there are too many companies calling themselves pay per head services which do not really qualify as such because they have never invested in the necessary infrastructure to be able to properly provide a PPH service that actually works for today’s professional bookmaker.

All too often a few guys with some experience in post up wagering will set up a PPH shop out of a small office employing just 3 or 4 people to answer the phones and then the farm out everything else, which means that they must rely on outside services to provide phones, internet, lines, customer service, wagering clerks and everything else involved in the pay per head service industry.

Should one of those outside providers goes down for any reason the cheapo PPH guys have no recourse, no way to provide the contracted services and nothing to say except ‘we are sorry’….and that about sums it up.  Sorry preparation produces sorry results and it is the local bookmaker who has contracted the cheapo service to save a few dollars that ends up getting hurt and losing clients because he can’t seem to connect them with a quality on line service that is capable of providing what they have promised their players.

Dependable uninterrupted online and phone service are indispensable in the wagering industry today and the local bookmaker who is unable, or unwilling, to provide that level of quality service will soon find himself in another line of work, or worse.

Host PPH is one of the originators of the Pay Per Head industry and has been providing high quality pay per head service to local bookmakers for almost 20 years now.  The founders of Host PPH long ago made the necessary investments in infrastructure and highly qualified personnel to provide their clients and their players with the absolutely best wagering experience possible.

If you are shopping around for the first time for a pay per head service, you could not do better than contacting the friendly agents at Host PPH and asking them the hard questions that you need to know before making a move.  With Host PPH there is never any deposit or down payment or any other sort of obligation required to get started and nothing to hold you there should you be dissatisfied with the service for any reason at all.  In other words, you have nothing to lose except all the headaches and worries that can overwhelm a local bookie without some outside help these days.

If you are already working with another pay per head service but find yourself continually disappointed and frustrated when your players call you with issues that should have been resolved by the cheapo PPH service you contracted, consider an upgrade to Host PPH Now!  Worse yet they call you asking where the web page went to and why no one is answering the phones to take their wagers. It happens!

But that will never happen to you or your players when you work with a quality Pay Per Head service like Host PPH.  Host employs a highly experienced lines management staff which monitors sports action worldwide 24/7 to keep the lines that your players see just as sharp as possible at all times.

A friendly, courteous and knowledgeable English speaking customer service and wagering staff is also available at all hours of the day and night to take wagers, answer any questions that may arise and to provide solutions should any problems come up.  As an extra level of security all phone calls coming into Host PPH are digitally recorded and available for playback should they ever be needed for reference.

But the real value a bookie receives when working with Host PPH is in the service agents that you will deal with on a daily basis keeping your accounts in order and helping you customize you presentation to maximize the attraction to your local players, who are the backbone of the wagering industry.  In this Host PPH excels in providing personalized attention to each and every detail of your business and helping you to grow and stay free and happy.

Call the friendly folks at Host PPH today at 866 601 4678 and see what a really high quality pay per head service can do for you and your business.

2019 wager



If you like to wager on sports, or perhaps you have clients who like to wager on sports, the month of October offers more wagering options than at any other time of the year. Some sports are just getting started and some are winding down to the nitty-gritty playoffs.

For bookmakers everywhere, this is their high season year after year.  The principal reason for that is the All-American sport of Football featuring both the NFL and NCAA action.

There is an ongoing discussion among Football Fans over whether the best action is found on the professional playing field of the National Football League, or on the spirit infused college campuses across the nation when, the as yet unpaid, student athletes vie for conference and national championships and bring in billions of dollars in revenue to their respective schools.

Some lean toward the professionalism of the NFL, while others thrive on the spirit generated in the NCAA football games.  Whichever you choose, the good news is that you can wager on either or both.  You can even include them in a parlay and bettors far and wide are inspired to place multiple bets each weekend that NCAA & NFL football is in action on their TVs.

For example:  There is a huge game in the SEC this Saturday when the AP #7 Florida Gators travel to Baton Rouge to take on AP #5 LSU in Tiger Stadium on Saturday evening.  Both teams are undefeated going into the contest and anyone who watched Florida topple Auburn last week might wonder at the +13.5 points being given to the Gators against LSU.  Obviously the Tigers are good, but that’s a lot of points.  Expect bettors to jump on it.

Even mighty AP #1 Alabama is only giving +17 points to AP #24Texas A&M playing at Kyle Field in front of a boisterous pro Aggie crowd while the AP #2 Clemson Tigers will be hosting a so far luckless Florida State team as 27 point favorites.

Out West the NCAA action will center on the confrontation when still undefeated AP #6 Oklahoma goes down to visit the Texas Longhorns, whose only loss was to LSU early in the season. The AP #11 Longhorns will be 11 point home dogs against the Sooners.

In the NFL the New England Patriots are still undefeated, what else is new? Of course the Pats are favorites, once again, to win Super Bowl LIV.  On the other hand, after all the hoopla about the Cleveland Browns this year, they appear to be a flop with quarterback Baker Mayfield at the helm.

Worse yet, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets are all still winless.  The Redskins just fired long time head coach Jay Gruden in an effort to improve while the sooner the Jets get rid of Greg ‘effect the head’ Williams, the sooner that team can start to heal.

On the pleasant surprise side, if you are from Louisiana at least, we have Teddy Bridgewater who heard his name chanted and echoed through the Superdome in New Orleans after an outstanding stand-in performance against Tampa Bay in which he threw 4 touchdown passes. TD Teddy!

The Chiefs Patrick Mahomes continues to impress at home even in defeat throwing for 321 yards and one touchdown against a stubborn Colts defense which only gave up one 2nd quarter touchdown to one of the most potent offensives in the NFL.  The final score on 19-13 was 23.5 points under the predicted 55.5 and Indianapolis won the game as 11 point dogs. Go figure!

Opening night of the National Hockey League’s new season got underway with a bang in St. Louis when the Washington Capitals took the defending Stanley Cup Champions into overtime and came away with a 3-2 win to kick off the season. If you can keep up with that little fast moving puck, wagering on NHL action can be fun and exciting.

Then of course we have post season major league baseball.  This is the greatest time of the year for Americans’ favorite pastime and one of the most popular times of the year to wager on baseball.  Once the playoffs are underway, it’s anybody’s race, regardless of their previous records.

The favorite Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves in a one game winner-take-all game with the Washington Nationals on Wednesday to try and continue their dream season.  Meanwhile the St. Louis Cardinals are battling it out with the Atlanta Braves to determine who will move on to the NLDS and take on the winner of the Dodgers vs. Nationals series.

Many would like to see a World Series featuring the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Yankees have already punched their ticket to the ALDS game against either the Houston Astros or the feisty Tampa Bay Rays.

Still on the wagering board we have some good PGA Golf matches featuring the Houston Open and the big annual NASCAR blowout at Talladega down in Alabama plus the NBA is just getting started as well and we always have 24/7 Soccer matches to wager on.

October surely is the best time of the year for bookmakers everywhere!




The Tampa Bay Rays, working with the lowest payroll in Major League Baseball, defeated the Oakland A’s in a one game playoff for the Wild Card spot and will go on to meet the American League leading Houston Astros down in Texas for a five game series that will determine which team will go on to play the winner of the Yankees & Twins series, which is predicted to be a battle royal.

The winner of the Rays-Astros game will face the winner of the Yankees-Twins game in a seven game series for the American League Pennant.  The winner there will play another seven game series with the National League Pennant winners in the 2019 World Series, the pinnacle of baseball action each year for both players and fans alike around the world.

The Rays pounded Oakland with four home runs, two by Cuban slugger Yandy Diaz, to eliminate the Athletics from postseason competition and move on the meet the mighty Astros in search of postseason glory. Tampa Bay Southpaw Charlie Morton pitched 5 shutout innings to start the game and the rest was done by the Tampa Bay offense.

Ring Central Coliseum, the home of the Oakland franchise, was its usual boisterous self when the Rays came to town with a capacity crowd twirling their yellow towel all evening, but to no avail.  Veteran Rays pitcher Charlie Morton commented after the game, “I really feed off the energy of this situation. I think that it helped us. It helped us to come in here and be in a high pressure situation.  The stadium was pretty rowdy, but I think that helped us focus”.

Tampa Bay infielder Mike Brosseau, who went to college in Oakland, started at second base as usual.  However, during the course of the game, Brosseau would also play some third base for awhile then be moved over to first to cover the hot corner marking the first time in major league history that a player has played three different positions in post season play. Such is life when you play for the team with the lowest payroll in the majors.

The night before saw the Milwaukee Brewers go down to Washington D.C. to take on the Nationals and lead the game 3-1 all the way up until Juan Soto came to bat in the bottom of the eighth inning.  Max Scherzer gave up the 3 earned runs with 6 strikeouts before being pulled after 5 innings.

After grinding it out for 8 innings with some of the most talented and best known baseball players on the planet, it was 20 year old Dominican outfielder Juan Soto, who had never even been to a post season game, who came up with the knock that landed in right field and was miss-played by rookie outfielder Trent Grisham which resulted in clearing the bases, which were full, and scoring 4 runs before Soto was tagged out at second giving the Nationals a 4-3 lead which is how the game ended a short time later.

So now the Nationals get to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have home field advantage and boast one of the best rosters in all of MLB.  The Dodgers have both veteran and young talent in the dugout along with one of the deepest lineups in baseball managed by Dave Roberts, who won the NL Manager of the Year in 2016 and is one of the best managers in all of baseball.  They will make formidable opponents throughout the playoffs regardless of whom they face.

The National and American League Championship Series will begin on October 11th and go for the best of seven games, meaning the series might go the full seven games, or, it could be over in as few as four.  Which teams will actually make it to the NL & AL Pennant races and then move on to see World Series action is yet unknown but the subject of endless speculation in the press and online.

However it works out, the real winners will be the Major League Baseball fans in the USA and around the world to whom October baseball represents a very best time to be had in sports all year round.

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The agile minds in the software industry working on wagering equipment today have now evolved their products to fill the needs of bookmakers of all sizes and requirements utilizing the very latest in available technology.

Throughout the almost 20 years that Host Pay Per Head services have been in operation, sports book software providers have continually upgraded their products through both constant research, and also by listening to professional bookmakers across the country and then fine tuning their sports betting software to their clients’ needs and wishes.

The wagering software presented to your players must be up to date and of the very finest quality if you want to keep them coming back for more. After all, the degree of quality that your players see and hear from your PPH Service represents you and how you handle your business. Quality is exactly what HostPPH provides for both its clients and their players.

Modern online wagering software presents easy to understand, user friendly software that gets them onto the wagering interfaces quickly and allows them to place their wagers with a minimum of time and effort, anywhere there is WiFi or an Internet connection.

The Agent +reporting page of the bookmaking software will provide you the bookie with all of your record keeping information in real time and eliminate the need to ever carry around that incriminating ‘little black book’ anymore.

A really good Pay Per Head Service like HostPPH will offer a multitude of reporting options for you to choose from depending on how you like to run you business.

If a quick overall view is all that you are looking for, simply pick out the reports you wish to review and they will be there for you. If you prefer to micro-manage your business, there are 29 different Agent reports available for you detailing every aspect of your business, in real time.

Modern betting software even allows an agent to move his own lines, be they sides, totals or money lines. You can even hide whole games as well as the sides, totals and money lines on any game and then put them up whenever it suits you best. In short, becoming a bookie has never been easier.

For your players, today’s expanded mobile device options allow them an even faster connection to the betting page. The wagering software employed today cuts directly to the wagering platform, with no buzzers, bells, ads or distractions. Anywhere there is an Internet connection or WiFi, your players can place wagers or play in the online Casino 24/7.

Today’s savvy bookie will always have a good personal contact with an experienced agent when working with HostPPH to back up all of that cutting edge sports betting software. There will always be someone there to talk to.

Host PPH will always have a friendly and knowledgeable personnel available to you or your players to speak with directly in clear English should the need arise as part of their online wagering service. They will also make a clear digital recording of all conversations, such as wagers, should the need ever arise for a review.

Of course all that cutting edge software and equipment is useless unless it is manned by experienced, highly trained personnel who have been working in the wagering industry for years who enjoy what they do and genuinely strive to do the best job possible for their clients, the professional bookmakers.   Host PPH boasts a staff of wagering professionals unequaled in the industry.

After almost 20 years in the pay per head industry, Host PPH has evolved and structured their services based on information and feedback from professional bookies like you.  After all, bookies are the only clients Host has so our services are set up to meet the needs of today’s professional bookmaker.

Make the call today at 866 601 4678, become a HOST PPH bookie, bring your business up to date and let go of all that work and worry!