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PPH Agent Terms


  • Agents/players must be of legal age according to their jurisdiction in order to be a member of


  • Oddswriter guarantees the digital recording of all wagers, both over the phone and through the internet, for the agents use in settling disputes or managing player activity. In the event of a discrepancy against Oddswriter the digital record will prevail.
  • Oddswriter reserves the right to refuse any bet, from anyone, at any time unless explicitly instructed by an agent to accept a wager on their behalf.
  • All confirmed wagers are final, no exceptions! Only agents have the power to alter or cancel a wager on behalf of their players.
  • Oddswriter requires all agents and players to identify themselves to our customer support staff by providing his/her account number and password each time he/she calls the Oddswriter facility in order to access any account information.
  • Oddswriter's support team aspires to 100% perfection in everything we do, but very rarely human error can occur. Due to Oddswriter's competitive low service fees Oddswriter cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and including but not limited to computer, typing, posting of odds, lines, or point spreads other than those intended.
  • Any wagering disputes with players will be immediately resolved by Oddswriter's support staff by use of the "read back" from the recorded call, hand history for casino play and/or confirmed wagers placed via the internet. All decisions involving claims will be firm & final!


  • Oddswriter will not to be held responsible for anyone who discloses their account number and/or password to a third party.


  • Any agent or player who attempts to defraud Oddswriter or is found to be participating in any fraudulent activity or any type of unfair business practice that is not consistent with Oddswriter's policies will not be tolerated, and their account will be terminated immediately.


  • All information submitted to Oddswriter to will be kept 100% confidential.
  • Oddswriter does not outsource any part of its data storage or data processing which ensures that all privacy protocols are completely adhered too.
  • With Oddswriter, bookies are only required to supply a minimal amount of personal information to administrate their account.
  • Oddswriter will never ask nor solicit any personal details from any agent's players.


  • Oddswriter requires that agents keep their account pre–paid at least 1 week in advance.
  • In the event that an agent's account goes to a negative balance the account will be temporarily disabled until payment is received.


  • Any agent business practices which are not consistent with Oddswriter's policies will constitute grounds for terminating their account.
  • Oddswriter reserves the right to disable and or terminate any player or agent account activity at any time.
Oddswriter reserves the right to change or modify any rules, regulations or policies at Oddswriter’s Pay Per Head management's discretion without prior notice.

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