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Oddswriter provides bookmakers with real time advanced agent reporting all with the simple click of a mouse. These advanced reports are available 24/7/365 to help bookies on the go keep up with the fast paced action of their bookmaking business. We know that for bookmakers, successful sportsbook player management is solely dependent on the flow of reliable, real time accurate information. The bottom line is, when it comes to advanced bookmaking reports Oddswriter delivers!

Oddswriter gives bookmaking agents the ability to go in depth and quickly analyze each individual player's activity. Oddswriter's bookie reporting is also fully customizable to the agent's preference. This means pph bookies have a wide array of advanced per head bookmaking reports to choose from.

All Oddswriter pay per head agent reports are provided in real time and are available 24/7/365.

Bookmaking agents can rest assured that Oddswriter's price per head call center offices are always open for business and is well staffed around the clock to assist agent's with their needs.

The Top 10 crucial pph agent/player management reports:

Action By Player Report: This report gives bookmaking agents a complete breakdown of a particular player's weekly action. It shows all activity by either sportsbook wager type, horse racing bets with post times along with a player's casino action including their hand histories as well as the overall outcome for that week.

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Agent Exposure Report: This report gives the agent a complete breakdown of all player action on a particular game. It shows a breakdown on the combined betting action on Straight Bets, Parlays, Teasers, & Reverses separated by the spread, total or money line.

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Agent Position Report: This report gives agents a clear picture of their overall financial position on all games on the board for the week broken down by spread, total & money line.

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Cash Flow Report: This report shows the Per Head agent all cash transactions on a players account by username, date, payment method, reference #'s, description, as well as the transaction amount and any fees or bonuses credited.

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Hold Percentage: Keep track of your profits. This report gives the bookie the gross amount that they've made from their players or even sub agents. It gives the booking agent a very detailed breakdown of their profits for a particular week stated as a percentage of total dollars won compared to total dollars wagered by all players. An agent's hold percentage can be reported by any time period, by wager type or even by individual player.

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Player Management: This feature allows agents to view the list of players and or sub agents under the master agent's management. It allows agents to edit personal information, financial updates as well as extending temporary credits to for both players and sub agents.

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Open Bets: This report allows the agent view a player's open or pending wagers by wager type, sport, and by player username.

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Player History: This gives bookmakers a complete rundown on the archived history of their player's activities. You'll know if the wager was placed by phone or internet, time of bet, sport/event, odds and line details, risk/win amounts, result, date placed.

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Player Totals: Get an overall weekly breakdown of player action broken down by pending wagers, open bets, graded bets, Win/Loss, net and current balance.

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Player Standing: Check out your players position instantly with this comprehensive report that shows the player ID, password, credit limit, and current week, at risk, current balance filter by sports, horses & casino.

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In addition to the most popular reports found above Oddswriter specializes in creating customized agent reports to your desires.

The way a bookmaker utilizes player management is probably the main reason you as a bookmaker are in need of a cost per head service that gives your players access to sports betting, horseracing and online casino. Host PPH gives you the sportsbook management and betting management tools you need to be successful and profitable.

Oddswriter's knowledgeable support staff is standing by now, call 888–227–1588 to walk you through a quick demo of our complete per head services which you'll receive for FREE for your first two full weeks with us!

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